The purpose of the Point-in-Time (PIT Count) is to obtain a snapshot census of people experiencing homelessness in Santa Barbara County on a single night. The 2022 Count will take place on Wednesday, February 23rd between 5:30am and 8:30am.

The count includes people who, on the night of the count, are:

The PIT Count is an essential element in our effort to end homelessness, as the data gathered from this census shows us so much more than how many people are homeless in Santa Barbara County - we also learn more about who is homeless and why. The PIT Count presents a great opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges our homeless citizens face, hear personal experiences from those experiencing homelessness, and demonstrate the compassion and generosity of our community!

What to expect:
Volunteers will conduct surveys of people experiencing homelessness. Prior to the count, volunteers will select a preferred region and sign up as a group or individual participant. Due to the continued need for COVID safety precautions, we are asking volunteers to sign up with other members of their "pod" (household, friend group, colleagues...) if at all possible.

Completion of an online PIT training is required for volunteers. The training includes information on how to engage vulnerable populations, basic information about the PIT Count and Homelessness in Santa Barbara County, and how to complete surveys via a mobile app.A Link to this training will be made available in the new year.

Much more information, FAQs, training resources, etc., will be provided at the training sessions. Thank you for your help in ensuring that every individual experiencing homelessness counts!

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